Reflex feetReflex feetReflex feetReflex feetReflex feetReflex feetReflexology

Your feet have feelings.  Nurture them with Reflexology, a technique that is beneficial for the entire body.

Reflexology applies pressure to specific points on the feet to effect positive physical change of corresponding organs and glands.  Benefits cited include creating relaxation, reducing pain, improving circulation, stimulating nerve function, increasing energy.


The 5000 year old practice of Reflexology is based on the theory that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body. Proper stimulation of these reflexes improves circulation, relaxes tension, nourishes the nervous system and assists the body in seeking its own equilibrium. Reflexology therapy can help relieve stress and tension, promote elimination of toxins from the body, boosts immune system function, increase circulation, aid natural healing, and restore balance and harmony. You’ll feel great!

Conditions that may benefit include stress related disorders, headaches, migraines, arthritic and back pain, hormonal imbalance and the swings of PMS and menopause, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic pain. Reflexology also may reduce the symptoms of diabetes.


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