At Footprints Holistic I take special care to understand your unique needs for healing. Over ten years I have been blessed to witness and help facilitate healing with a wide variety of clients, including many local healing practitioners.  I proudly share with you some of the many personal testimonials from those with whom I have been honored to share a healing journey.   

  • Denise Linn

    Ann Finnie is one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise has chosen to personally train in her specialized methods of coaching. “Ann is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!”

    Denise Linn, founder of International Institute for Soul Coaching®, Paso Robles, CA www.deniselinn.com
    Health Coach Scituate - Client - Denise Linn
  • Karen Paolino Correia

    “I highly recommend Ann’s workshops and private sessions. She is a gifted healer and teacher. I have experienced her private sessions and I always leave feeling nurtured and relaxed. Because of Ann’s expertise in facilitating workshops I was honored when she asked me if she could teach a 40-Day Journey based on my first book, What Would Love Do? I knew that she would teach it with love, integrity and expertise.”

    Karen Paolino Correia, Angel Messenger www.createheaven.com
  • Shannon Perry

    “For over three years Footprints Holistic has been a constant sanctuary of peace, love, and safety for me. Ann Finnie has been an invaluable asset and witness to my personal healing process, supported me through an intense grieving period of my closest loved one, and has been a sounding board for me while I remained true to myself as an creative entrepreneur, artist, and healer. Her talents of energetic healing and spiritual counsel are of great service to all who are looking for a safe space and loving guide to accompany you through the most important of endeavors – Self-Healing and Self-Discovery.” 

    Shannon Perry, Co-founder Karunawear
  • Dr. Charles Holt

    “Ann has a great calming energy. I totally go into a zone when she starts to work on my feet. After a one hour reflexology session, I feel recharged and re-energized. If you are ready to let go of all that tension, try Ann’s foot reflexology. You will be happy you did!”

    Dr. Charles Holt, Chiropractor, Marshfield, MA www.marshfieldchiropractor
  • Rev. Cathi Burke

    “Ann Finnie is a loving and dedicated Healer. Her integrity is to be admired and her work is a gift to all who cross her path. I would recommend her to any one of my clients. Her devotion to being a “Light Worker” is truly an inspiration to all who know her. I loved the IET Session I had with Ann and it brought me great comfort and clarity.””


    Rev. Cathi Burke of The Angels of Light Ministry, Norwell, MA www.angeloflightministry.com
  • Suzanne Ducharme

    “I have been working with Ann for several years. As a fellow practitioner of the healing arts, I have been the direct beneficiary of her insight and skills many times. In April of 2011, I was faced with a serious health challenge that had me facing some potentially very difficult decisions about surgery, and possible cancer. This situation could have been catastrophic for my business and my life. In an attempt to avoid these consequences and take charge of my health and my life, I sat down with Ann to determine a plan to maximize my wellness and my ability to get in front of the masses that had manifested. Ann and I worked together in a series of sessions to find out the reasons why this health challenge had presented itself at this time, and how best to create the circumstances that would allow it to leave without the invasive medical intervention that might have been required. I always found Ann to be a quiet, calming presence; someone who provided good insight and who posed the questions that guided my inner journey. I found that Ann and I formed a partnership through this process; I did the emotional work and she provided the physical and energetic clearing that facilitated my healing. In December 2011 I learned that all the masses had healed and no further follow up was needed. I will always be grateful to Ann for deepening the work that we already shared, and for being such an integral part of such an an important time in my life.”

    Suzanne M. Ducharme, MS CCC-SLP, So. Shore Speech Pathology Partners and Pathways to Healing www.yourpathwaystohealing.com
    Reiki Healing Testimonial - Suzanne Ducharme
  • Michelle Levangie-Gilmore

    “Thank you so much for creating a safe place for me to have this profound healing experience! I had a realization driving home that … (omitted for privacy) … this was a very clear insight that is very cathartic! You really do have a gift. It takes a special person to hold that space! I am grateful! Also, I was thinking how much your counseling experience is an asset in your treatment, it allows you to open to a deeper level than some. As much as the body work is so important your knowledge of classic counseling plus the energy work makes it wonderful! Thanks again!”

    Michelle Levangie-Gilmore, LPN, LMT, Marshfield, MA www.sacredspacehealing.net
  • Kathleen Field

    “From the minute I walked in the door at Footprints Holistic, I knew I was in excellent hands.  Ann Finnie is an exceptionally talented healer no matter what modality you experience during your session.  She is a clear and present channel for unlimited and abundant energy to flow through her to everyone she touches.

    I know my rapid healing and return to radiant health from a detour with breast cancer was in no small way facilitated by the phenomenal care and skill she provided during my sessions.

    She is also an incredible teacher!  I have had the privilege of receiving my Reiki Certifications from her and could not have asked for a more capable, not to mention loving and generous teacher.  Thank you Ann Finnie….you ROCK!”

    Kathleen Field, Scituate, MA
  • Donna Dockendorff

    “I first met Ann at my church, at a book group. I instantly liked her. She is a very friendly, warm person. I had some surgery and Ann came to my house and visited me and made my recovery a lot easier for me. She sat and talked and we shared. It was so wonderful knowing someone I had just met cared so much. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I feel I can tell her anything and she will listen, and care, and give me her honest advice. Ann also does reflexology with me and I look forward to all our sessions. Ann is a born healer. She’s always caring and loving to everybody and I am blessed to have her in my life.”

    Donna Dockendorff, Pembroke, MA
  • David Campbell

    “Ann is excellent at what she does. I went to her for reflexology and had a wonderful session, leaving fully relaxed. I was so pleased that I also sent my wife and my mother to see Ann. Both of them were also thrilled with their treatments. Ann’s space is very welcoming and her energy alone is very relaxing. I highly recommend anyone to go see Ann.”

    -David Campbell, David Campbell Electrical Services, Pembroke, MA
    David Campbell
  • Lynne McCarty

    I highly recommend Ann’s workshops.  She has a wonderful, relaxed, natural way of teaching, using humor and honesty while sharing her wide array of knowledge and experience with the class. Her manuals and handouts are well organized and fill to the brim with easy to read, concise, well researched information.

    Ann’s joyful personality makes all who attend her workshops comfortable and at ease.  She is an exceptional healer and teacher, and the workshops I have taken with Ann have no doubt enabled me to be a better healer.

    Lynne McCarty , Yin Yoga Instructor, Pembroke, MA
  • Joyce Sullivan

    Ann, I was walking around this morning following the healing session I had with you yesterday, and I realized I didn’t have any back pain! I even went to a spin class and I still don’t have back pain. Amazing! Thanks so much!

    Joyce Sullivan, Occupational Therapist, Weymouth, MA
    Joyce Sullivan
  • Stephanie Neil

    “Ann is a talented, compassionate teacher and intuitive Reiki Master who provides a wonderfully relaxed classroom experience.  She creates a comfortable environment in which to learn, ask questions, and grow spiritually.  I am forever grateful to have been taught by such a gifted individual.”

    Stephanie Neil, Managing Partner at Coastal Social Media Group, Scituate, MA