to sacred space….have a seat….take a few deep breaths.  Let’s chat. What brings you here today?




Do you want to……

*find contentment that seems to elude you?

You Don't Have to Have it All figured out.

*create balance in life?

*strengthen your boundaries?

*realize more effective relationships?

*heal from childhood trauma?

*disengage from toxic people/situations?

*ease grief from loss?

Have you tried lots of things, yet still feel stuck? Would you like to get moving in the right direction again? 

“Surely joy is the condition of life.”

Wrote Henry David Thoreau


Note from Ann


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I’ve been there….

            done that…….

I’ve been stressed, overwhelmed, drowning in grief, and not wanting to live. I’ve wanted to heal childhood trauma; reclaim my life after divorce; free myself from toxic relationships; and find balance, ease, even joy in my life.

I’m recovering from these challenges and finding balance and joy, and you can too.

This is my story: It was late 1990, as I sat in the front row at church on Sunday morning. I always sat in the front row so as to be less distracted. But as I sat there on this late December morning, in the midst of Advent, my mind was distracted, by the thought: ‘If I were to go out there, on Main Street, and get run over by a tractor trailer truck, that would be okay with me.” [read more]

Testimonials from Other Practitioners

“I highly recommend Ann’s workshops and private sessions. She is a gifted healer and teacher…” [read more]  ~Karen Paolino Correia, Heaven on Earth

“Ann Finnie is a loving and dedicated Healer. Her integrity is to be admired and her work is a gift to all who cross her path….” [read more]  ~Rev. Cathi Burke, Angels of Light Ministry

“I’ve been working with Ann for several years….faced with a serious health challenge….she she provided the physical and energetic clearing that facilitated my healing…”  [read more]  ~Suzanne Ducharme, Pathways to Healing

“Thank you so much for creating a safe place for me to have a profound healing experience! ……  your counseling experience is an asset in your treatment, ….as much as the body work is so important your knowledge of classic counseling plus the energy work makes it wonderful! Thanks again!” [read more]  ~Michelle Levangie-Gilmore, Sacred Space Healing Center