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the whole back story…..

It was late 1990 as I sat in church on Sunday morning.  I always sat in the front row so as to be less distracted.   But as I sat there on this late December morning, in the midst of Advent, my mind was distracted, by the thought:  “If I were to go out there, on Main Street, and get run over by a tractor trailer truck, that would be okay with me.”

I was sober in 12-step recovery. I was a psychotherapist/addictions counselor working in an alcohol and drug treatment center.  I had a 4 year old daughter and a 6 year old son who were the light of my life, and I didn’t have the will to live even for them.  But fortunately I didn’t have the nerve to actively commit suicide either. I didn’t even have the nerve to try, as my mother had done on more than one occasion.

I thank God that I had the presence of mind to realize that if I was working with a client who was as depressed as I was, or was drinking or drugging the way that I was overeating, I would tell them to “get their butt into treatment.”  So I did.

This was the “next” first day of the rest of my life.

I went into treatment in January 1991 for my compulsive overeating and depression.  At 36 years old, I was the oldest patient on the locked unit; one of only two  who struggled with compulsive over-eating; the others struggled with anorexia and bulimia, and the only one with a spouse and children at home.

After the first few days it was clear that “Ann is here to cry.”  For perhaps the first time in my life, I allowed myself to truly feel. I allowed myself to feel the grief, anger, fear and all the rest of the feelings I’d kept hidden deep inside all of my life.

I was finally in a place where it was safe to feel.  No one who knew me could see me.  No one would criticize or shame me. The staff would keep me physically and emotionally safe. For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to fall apart, so that God could begin to put me back together in healthier ways.

I was in treatment for 18 days, and still fairly fragile when I came home.  I immediately got myself into counseling on a weekly basis. With the help of God, my new therapist, and my 12-step family I began to build a new life, one day at a time.  I’d be lying if I said it was easy.  It has been difficult.  But well worth the journey.

Everyone’s healing journey and path to joy is unique.  Mine has been a profound awakening and deepening of my faith, hope and trust.  I’m not saying I’ve nailed these virtues, but they are more present and precious in my life than ever before, and I continue to grow in them daily.

Today my life purpose and passion is to help others to create a life they love, and to find peace and joy as I have done. In the years since that 1991 “next first day of the rest of my life,” I have changed the face of the work that I do with people tremendously.  Today, as a mind, body and soul healing practitioner and coach, I combine the best of talk therapy with the powerful tool of energy therapy to facilitate healing on an energetic level. I openly share what I have learned in over 30 years of recovery, in  counseling and as a therapist; my experience, strength, hope and healing.

You too can be healed. You too are never alone.  Infinite Source Energy (God, Spirit, Higher Power) is always with you.  And I will walk with you on your healing journey, too.  Come.  Let me walk with you.

So…..back to the original story….how I actually ended up in holistic healing as my life’s work…..

In 2003 I left a highly stressful corporate job that was making me very sick. At about that time, a colleague introduced me to “energy work,” and the treatments I received intrigued, empowered, and revitalized me. Through this process, I realized that I wanted to return to helping people as I had done in the past, as a teacher, a therapist, and through 25 years of 12-Step recovery experience. Assisting others on their journeys to transform their lives, achieve their fullest potential and develop spiritually became my new vocational direction.

Footprints Holistic was born in 2004, after I completed initial studies in Reflexology and Reiki. I continue to study and develop spiritual disciplines and practice various healing modalities that deepen my own spiritual journey, enrich my practice, and enhance the services I offer to clients. Through practicing a hybrid approach that incorporates energy work, guided meditation, reflexology, and mentoring,

I have been honored to witness the personal growth and transformation of many individuals realizing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing beyond measure. Energy therapy and spiritual counseling is an ideal combination for facilitating accelerated healing.

I am very fortunate to share my passion for encouraging, empowering, and inspiring people to grow with an amazing group of clients. As a healing facilitator, I welcome and work well with people wherever they may be on their journey from just beginning to quite experienced. I also work with many other healing practitioners on their healing paths. I am willing to offer support to anyone who is ready to embark on the journey of transformation.

Please contact me at 781-545-2663 or to discuss how I can best assist you. I look forward to hearing from you.