X-Plan Follow-up Questions

Last time, I shared Bert Fulks  X-Plan; a tactic to help your teenager get out of an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, and still save face with their peers. Here’s how X-Plan works: (in Fulks’ words) Let’s say that my youngest, Danny, gets dropped off at a party. … Read More

The X-Plan

  Every parent worries about the possibility their teenager may find themselves in a situation where they are they are uncomfortable or dangerous. They may not always feel they have a way out that they can exercise and save face with their peers.… Read More

On The Day I Die

This week as we hope the snow that fell on the first day/weekend of Spring, will be the last until next winter, I share with you, with his permission, a blog post from a new friend, John Pavlovitz. Though the title may seem depressing, I urge you to read on, because I share it in the hope that you will be encouraged, in these post-Resurrection Easter days, to live, before you die.                                … Read More

Positive Affirmations

I’ve been crafting a workshop based on some of the work of Louise Hay, the motivational author, speaker and founder of Hay House Publishing. Louise’s positive philosophy and healing techniques, forged from her tormented upbringing, have helped millions learn to create more of what they want in their lives- more wellness in their bodies, minds and spirits.… Read More

A New Year; A New Beginning

In my practice as a healing facilitator, clients always ask how they can implement the healing insights they receive in our work together. For many of us the tendency is to either become overwhelmed quickly lose awareness of the insights received and do little or nothing, or to want to implement all the insights received immediately.… Read More

Blessed Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve had good experience practicing Random Acts of Kindness so far this Advent season. And, I hope you’ve found the practice to be uplifting to you, as well as to those you gifted with your kind acts.… Read More

Random Acts of Kindness

Instead of enjoying a traditional advent calendar this month where you uncover small goodies or trinkets, why not start a tradition of a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar? Every day you uncover a kindness “task” you do. (ok, I know we’re a into the month already, so double up a couple of days!) You can be really creative and actually make a calendar with daily random acts to perform, or just make it a point to practice at least one each day.… Read More

Being Thankful

Recent research studies have shown that being thankful boosts our immune system and increases blood flow to the heart. So even though we may overeat, or sit around watching football games on Thanksgiving, we can actually boost both physical and emotional health by holding the energy of gratitude.… Read More

Gladness and Joy

Last column I suggested that you not let the stupid things get you down. I shared a story of an exchange with a telemarketer that threatened to temporarily destroy my serenity. This time I’d like suggest that you DO let gladsome exchanges lift you up.… Read More

Don’t Let Stupid Things Get You Down

My trusty calendar alert had just reminded I have a column due, and I was wondering what to write about this week, when I got a call originating from Park Ridge, IL.  The entire caller ID was not revealed, but it started off 1-847-823-54…  I answered prepared to tell the caller to take me off their calling list.… Read More

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