The Holidays

The holidays can be stressful in the best of times, when we are experiencing challenging economic times, hardship or loss they can be even more difficult.  In these times we need the spiritual boost that the holidays can give us even more. … Read More

I Choose Where I Focus My Attention

The news on TV, radio and in print is often full of stories that leave us feeling anxious, upset, sad or frustrated about the world in which we live.  The headlines and the lead stories seem to be mostly bad news.… Read More

Spiritual Being Having A Physical Experience

I’m not here to tinker with your thinking.  Well, OK maybe I am.  But I can only do that if you allow it. So I’m going to ask you to just hear me out for a few minutes. I want to share with you a thought that I believe.… Read More

The Law of Attraction

I’ve got Bad news, and I’ve got Good news……                                                 Have you heard of the law of attraction? ….or have you been living under a rock for the last decade?  Whether you believe in this Law that basically states “your thoughts and your feelings create your reality,” I believe, it is affecting you. … Read More

Food For Thought

Food For Thought FOOD FOR THOUGHT                       from 10-6-2011 Mariner Newspapers By way of brief introduction, I am Ann Finnie, a Scituate “townie.”  Those of you who know of the Finnies of Scituate, know that I come from a line of old “Yankees,” if not by birthright (grandpa Finnie was born in Scotland; and grandma’s lineage traces back to the Mayflower), certainly by way of character traits. … Read More

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